Have you ever wondered about the Women of Whistler?

The Women of Whistler or WOW is a monthly gathering of women aimed at providing an opportunity for Whistler businesswomen to network, gain knowledge through a variety of hosted speakers, and share ideas in a friendly, open and relaxed enviroment.


What do they do?

The meetings begin with about an hour of socializing, walking around the venue, appetizers, wine if you choose, and a chance to view the sponsors tables. The women are then seated in a theatre style and the meeting is opened, the agenda for the evening is layed out and usually the sponsors will have a moment to review their product or service. A surprise guests will speak, a small break and then a round robin… This is where all women are given about 30-60 seconds to introduce herself – like an elevator speech.. (It is wise to practice this on your drive to the venue or in front of the mirror at home). Then the main speaker will take the stage and thrill us with the topic of the evening.


 Sound Garden USANA Health Sciences


 I have attended many a meeting for WOW and each time I go with an open mind, I try to meet someone new, listen to see if I can help someone with what I can offer as a person or as business women, and I try to find the nugget through the guest speaker…. I have never left a meeting without feeling it was well worth my time and money…$30 if you’re wondering… best $30 a girl could spend…. Last night was no exception…WOW – I mean really wow, I drove down the new road over the concrete bridge into the enchanted forest… my mind was becoming mystical and curious… where was I? Is this real? I couldn’t believe my eyes… What an incredible asset to Whistler…..You couldn’t have paid the good lord for a more gorgeous evening – the sun was radiantly shinning down on all 80 women… a sold out venue…no kidding, if you didn’t get a ticket I can say you did miss out….Big time.


Scandinave Spa Whistler   http://www.scandinave.com/en/whistler/ 

Here was the new spa in Whistler and for most of us women our first visit… now my good friend Kelly Foran told me it was amazing, but unless you go there yourself you just can’t imagine. Scandinave Spa is nestled next to Lost Lake Park – although the entrance is off Mons Road near Riverside Camp Ground. The spa can accommodate group parties both corporate and private. The general manager is Annique and she would be more than happy to speak with you.

The appetizers were creatively crafted by Melissa Craig, the award-winning Executive Chef of the Bearfoot Bistro, and I can tell you the food was delicious and visually appealing. Oysters on the half shell, chicken brochette, mini burgers, cheese plates; just to mention a few.


This venue went well over the women’s expectations – after a brief tour each women received a gift card to return to the spa – like we wouldn’t… Thank you…With my gift card I will return to Scandinave Spa Whistler, I’ll bring along my flip video and write another blog….

The guest speakers

Cathy Goddard – http://www.lighthousevisionary.com/

This woman is a force to be reckoned with, absolutely as professional and fun as they get…. a wealth of knowledge and her energy is infectious… Cathy’s topic for our evening was Clarify your values. As values should be our foundation from which to build our lives around I really enjoyed the exercise and discussions. The main nugget I took from Cathy’s talk was about our mothers and how they selflessly dedicated their lives to the family…. My mother was the same….and after we as children (7) all grew up and left they were left very lonely…because we were their lives.

Surprise Guest Mercedes Nicol – Olympic Snowboarder with 6 World Cup Medals…

flip video link below


This was a fun blog to write and I look forward to the next Women of Whistler meeting in June… stay tuned! http://www.womenofwhistler.com/

Cheers!  [tweetmeme source=whistlerheather only_single=false]


  1. 1

    Great blog Heather – I’m sorry that I missed the Wow event, it sounds great (as always) and I must check out the spa!

  2. “WOW” sounds like fun, good opportunity to introduce my new business partner. See you at the next venue!

  3. I love your blog, just learned alot from easy reading. Wish I was there more often , I would love to attend WOW.

  4. 7
    Monique Says:

    Thanks, Heather. I have been meaning to join WOW for a long time and this has spurred me on. I will check out the site and hope to see you in June! …and hope to see you before that as well!

  5. 8
    mei Says:

    Hi Heather, nice pictures of the new spa, we went to there 2 weeks ago ,was great,I’ll check out your blog more often ,thanks

  6. 10
    Catherine Clifford Says:

    Hi Heather;Thank-you for your very imformative blog on W.O.W ,without people such as yourself putting out this info for the general public we would never know of these great little spots,and yes judging by your pictures you have provided us with this is a beautiful little spot that would make a lovely Mothers’ Day gift for our selfless mothers.Anyways …enjoying your blogs,and the info that you provide to all of us…there are so many little spots such as these in our beautiful province of B.C and it’s good that you are bringing some insightfulness to all of us on the area of Whistler!! Thank-you again Heather and keep on blogging!!!!

    • 11

      I’d love to bring you to WoW Cathie…. Some of the women in Whistler are simply amazing and it is a pleasure to chat with them on a more regular occasion..

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