What lies North of Whistler… Just 30 minutes?

The Answer “Pemberton”

After spending just a little over two weeks commuting from Pemberton to Whistler I thought it would only be right to support Pemberton and write a blog….

Pemberton and the Aura

Pemberton is an absolutely charming small town of just over 2400 residents – and hundreds of acres of farm land. I tweeted about the beauty a few weeks back; I was just driving back to Pemberton after a very long day at work…. and I felt compelled to pull over and take pictures, with my I-Phone of all things.. Instant tweets…  I can honestly say that Pemberton is highly diverse, quaint, and really quite picturesque….. Mt. Currie and the surrounding peaks are breath-taking, yes Pemberton is special.

Things I have learned

 The First Nations Band of Mt. Currie have a very historical imprint on the entire territory

http://bit.ly/5Ov7ZP First Nations 2010

Pemberton was developed at the turn of the century for Forestry and Agriculture

Pemberton was a supply stop “Port Pemberton” in 1859 a place where Gold Seekers would stop for supplies.

The first passenger train was in 1914

The Scenic Coast Mountain Tour – rounds through Pemberton across the Duffy Lake Road to the Interior (a vehicle tour)

Pemberton is the fastest growing community – 2005 statistics

 The drive from Whistler is 30 minutes and not 20 minutes as toted by several websites

Pemberton is almost famous for supplying the local restaurants in Whistler/Pemberton an aray of brightly colored organic vegtables..

http://bit.ly/cLOJjS Pemberton Chamber

My memory

The summer is very special in Pemberton – if not for the grassy wheat fields and the beautiful scenery – the strawberry picking is a delicious way to have a family outing….

Sturdy family  

North Arm Farms is a family run business with its own bake shop, and petting farm; bring the children as most places in Pemberton are children oriented. In the Autumn pumpkins are scattered throughout the fields and a horse-drawn carriage takes you on a very scenic tour; last time I did this  adventure my daughter Tashi and I saw a black bear….. It was simply thrilling.

http://bit.ly/c7dW9t The Meadows at Pemberton

http://bit.ly/11OtmI Big Sky

http://www.whistlerwine.com/ Pemberton Valley Vineyard

There are wineries in Pemberton, two golf courses, a barn dance fund-raising event, and many fabulous restaurants… If you’re a hiker, mountain biker, Dragon Boat rower, or photographer… Pemberton is for you. See how this blog could go on forever – I promise I will write more about Pemberton… as there is so much to share about this gorgeous, entrepreneurial, farm town… Check it out yourself – you’ll be happy you did.

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    Lew Says:

    Very nice, You obviously have way toooo much time on your hands.

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