My favorite place to go for dinner in Whistler….Winner!!!


Yes Hy’s Steakhouse Whistler is the place I frequent most when going out for dinner in Whistler…. Now I go to Hy’s with many different people for many different reasons… Richard the long-standing manager of Hy’s is a wonderful man who is very familiar with the restaurant business, Whistler, and how to treat his client’s… He always is happy to see you and will find you a place to sit even on the busiest of nights….

Most of my good friends in Whistler choose Hy’s as place to meet to watch a hockey game, have a cocktail, or simply to conduct a business meeting. What you will find at Hy’s is one of the best steaks in Whistler. All the staff at Hy’s are fabulously outgoing, complimentary, and can put a smile on your face on your most down of days..

Woody and Johnny shine on the floor and are professional yet they can crack you up too…Greg and Andrew run the busiest cocktail bar in Whistler, and they never miss a beat… I love the white coats they all wear.  Most the staff at Hy’s golf and that is what you’ll find them doing when not working, except maybe for Sarah.

 Big Sky Pemberton 

We started the night with a cocktail…mine being a caesar. The staff at Hy’s  can be relied upon to select a wine which is going to compliment your dinner, Andrew suggested a bottle of the Cannonball – a Cabernet structure with a long complex finish of blackberry fruit. Bold yet balanced.

When you go to Hy’s you must order the famous cheese toast…. rich garlic flavoured toast with melted cheddar, a secret recipe that is hard to duplicate. The oysters Rockefeller took first choice for us accompanied by the creamy caesar salad..


Now on this particular evening I went with my good dear friend Kelly for her birthday. When Kelly and I go out we always share everything and it makes for such a nice treat, because we taste several different menu items yet keep the cost in order… Kelly loves the Gorgonzola Filet Mignon –  I must admit it is rich and creamy & so very delicious, a melt in your mouth top grade steak… Hy’s steaks are cut in-house from specialty selected AAA Alberta beef, aged a minimum of 28 days and grilled to your perfection..

The evening was full of laughter and familiar faces – which is one of the reasons you’ll love Hy’s – it really does make a difference in your dinning out experience to feel at home and really comfortable. The food is always consistent and very good value for the money.We finished our wine and decided to head to the lounge at il Caminetto for some live piano and singing with Doc Fingers..

Total Cost for our girls birthday celebration: $185.00 including tip

PS. I was at Hy’s the other evening and met a young woman who just flew in from Ontario – she had asked a friend where she should go in Whistler and guess  where they said – Hands Down –Hy’s is a winner!

Cheers!    [tweetmeme source=whistlerheather only_single=false]

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