Christmas Lights, Santa Claus & Walking in a Whistler Wonderland

Oh the twinkle of Holiday Season is everywhere in the Village of Whistler… Pure white driven snow with the backdrop of glittering mountains….crisp fresh air and such excitement with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas…


All beautiful images of Whistler… Whistler is a winter wonderland, full of dreams, excitement, adrenalin, and romance…. a place where you could, if you had it in you, sweep your love one-off her/his feet forever…

The winter season lights  in Whistler are really something of a marketing genius; from the minute you enter the village from Highway 99 your heart starts to pound with anticipation of what is to come, the twinkle of the lights…. you begin to smile… just like when the Grinch returned “Christmas” to Whoville… all those 200,000 LED lights… costing the tax payers a small pittance of about $3000 for the months of December to March…. not a bad price for the payoff…and really quite surprising…

To add to the excitement are many evening activities offered for every budget…

The tube park is one of my favorites…big fire to warm your hands, and meet some new friends; hot chocolate for the kids… probably not something you’d do often…but definetly a must do..and by the way this is a very tiring activity for both you and the kids….


Then there’s the “Fire and Ice Show”… every Sunday night…. Dress warm because if you are standing outside it can get really chilly..

Probably the favorite thing to do after skiing is Apres…

Après-ski (French: after skiing) refers to going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after skiing. It is popular in the Alps where skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day while still wearing all their ski gear. The concept is similar to the nineteenth hole in golf. This can also happen anywhere in the world where there is snow.

The Famous Four Apres spots in Whistler are:

Dusty’s Bar and BBQ – Creekside

Merlin’s – Blackcomb

The Longhorn Saloon – village central

The Garibaldi Lift Company – village central

If you are still on the mountain skiing I would suggest “Steeps” they have a wonderful wine tasting of BC wines going on right now – my good friend and Voted Number One Sommelier in Whistler  “Dave Foran” offered up this great tip… Dave can be found at La Rua Restaurant…. a very delicious romantic spot… Make sure you put this restaurant on your “To Go List”

   Dave Foran – Thank you for the great tip…

Steeps Grill is working with numerous local suppliers and growers to feature the best of British Columbia, and now offers a list featuring BC wines exclusively. The Steep’s wine program, will feature Vincor’s famous BC wineries and will represent these special products through features, tastings, and wine après. Whistler Blackcomb has joined Eat BC and engaged the Vancouver Aquariums’ Ocean Wise program in a quest for local and sustainable food.  To round out the transformation, Steep’s has a brand new furniture package on its way.

One last activity I just found out about is the “Whistler Dinning Tours” – or “Whistler Tasting Tours”…. This is an activity that last 2-3 hours and you visit 3-4 restaurants which also offer wine pairing…

I will check this one out and write about it in January 2010… Let me know if you have any favorites…

I’ve added a wonderful link sent to me for my daughter Tashi.. that the kid in you will enjoy..



  1. 1
    Guy D'Andrea Says:

    Love it.
    I love the image of walking through the village with the snow and the lights and love in the air.

  2. 2
    tim Says:

    love your blog – cheered me up no end

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