Don’t Get Busted in Whistler…It’s Not Worth It….Olympic Bud $$$


I should start by saying about twenty plus years ago my girlfriend and I wanted a recipe for Caesar salad dressing; my friend at the time said if I took a puff of marijuana, he would write the recipe out….   I did not inhale….the salad was delicious..

However today I make one of the best Caesar salads anywhere – No pot neccessary…if you want the recipe just post a comment on my blog…

Funny thing about living in Whistler – I know pot is everywhere, I just never encounter it; none of my immediate friends smoke dope (at least I don’t think they do)…I do know a lot of people who do – so I guess the growers are alive and well.

 I rarely smell it around the village – the reason I believe is… I’m not out after 6pm usually…I don’t hang out around dark bushy areas … but maybe it’s because you are not even aloud to smoke cigarettes in the village – 150 feet away from any entrance…

I wanted to have accurate information for you so I went to both sides of the law to bring you today’s blog…..

I was wondering if buying pot is like paying for a hotel room during peak season – does the price increase with the demand – basic economics – right? Supply and demand – when there is plenty of pot on the street you would think it would cost less…. but how much is the market value?…

I was told to buy pot on the street it is $20 a gram – BC Bud – the good stuff, as he put it…he being the law…. If you are caught with marijuana known as “In possession of a controlled substance”-  marijuana is illegal and you could lose your right to enter the US or come back to Canada… Many countries have similar legislation (laws)… I have a school friend who has never traveled with his wife because when he was 18 he was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana..he still has a criminal record on file….how much fun would that be?

I guess if you’ve never been anywhere hot during the winter – it wouldn’t bother you – this is an entire other blog…

Having one joint on you would result in a police file being created – the police have no choice – it must be reported to the Bureau of Dangerous Drugs…

During the Olympics if you have not heard there will be an increase in security present in Whistler – the police on foot patrol – and the army on the peripheral… The budget for security during the Olympics was close to one billion dollars…900 million actually – up a little from the $175 million originally quoted… With that many RCMP around – some of the boys and girls in blue are bound to be in their street clothes…(Parkas) Looking just like you and me. It is not worth the trouble – you won’t know if the Joe on the street is a peddler or an imposter…Then again I am sure a few of you wouldn’t mind being arrested and strip searched by this Mountie.

The intension is safety first – good reputation for Canada second……A successful fun Olympics.

Just like a little information can be dangerous, so can a little pot…You are not allowed to walk around the village freely with open alcohol – nor are you allowed to smoke – ANYTHING…

It is best to make sure when you arrive in Whistler to have most of what you need on you – good bottle of wine and your freezer box full of delicious food….when in the privacy of your own accommodation – behind closed doors – the world need not know what your up to….nor do I think they care…Cheers!


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    Hi Heather
    Long time no see / speak all good with you?

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    brian Says:

    ok good advice , take care

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