Top Ten Tips for what you need to know before you go to Whistler “Sea to Sky Highway”

#1. Between Squamish and Whistler is 50 km or 30 miles and no gas station – once in Whistler there is only one…and if it is busy – it could become frustrating and time consuming…Gas before you leave Squamish

#2. The Sea to Sky Highway is a mountain highway- this means you should anticipate extreme weather conditions.

Dress – Drive and equip yourself accordingly: warm clothes include gloves and winter boots, blankets, food and water.

#3. Make sure your windshield fluid is full, and approved for minus zero temperatures

#4. The Sea to Sky Highway is a scenic route with ample pull offs for taking pictures – make sure you stop in a designated area for safety purposes.

#5. Your winter tires should be “Mountain Snow Flake” Rated – you can tell this because the tire has a snowflake inside a mountain symbol on them. You could encounter a road stop check point…Don’t get turned around because of your tires…

#6. Always check the Highway conditions before you leave

#7. Always check the weather report before you go – but remember “Mother Nature” answers to no one but herself…


#8. Tune your radio to Mountain FM – 107.1 FM in Squamish and 102.1 FM in Whistler

#9. I wear my sunglasses at night…. SUN GLASSES – When that road is wet and then the sun comes out it is shinny and

bright…just like my diamonds..

#10. By far the most important thing to remember is “Have Fun” – you’re about to under take an incredible journey…. If things go wrong, as they sometimes do….It’ll not be the problem that matters, but how you handle it…Good Luck!



  1. 1
    Steph Says:

    This is great advice, Heather!! Nice work! Do you also have a blog for your business in Victoria? I love how the snowflake graphics run through the photo of the highway! They look like daytime shooting stars!

    • 2

      Hi Steph,
      Sorry about not responding, your comment just surfaced???? I used to write a blog for Aquattro – but i live in Whistler fulltime now… whistlerheather is my social blog – whistlerbuzz is my real estate blog thx

  2. 3

    One of the best places to grocery shop is Nestors.
    Located just out of the townsite, Nestors can please even the most demanding of customers with their complete range of necessities.
    ‘Everyone ends up at Nestors’

  3. 4
    kerry Says:

    Great advice Heather. I certainly won’t miss doing that drive in the winter…but it’s certainly a must in the summer. Your tips should save lots of hassles for any first-timers. Have you moved back to Whistler now…hence the name and blog theme?
    Like your snowflakes too, they are sweet. Welcome to Blogland!

  4. 5
    Lew Says:

    It sure does suck when the roads are not cleared and you have to follow the very slow snow-removal Vehicles…. it sure can be a long drive…. that’s winter driving in the mountains….
    I’m in Calgary and it’s coming down at a 45 degree angle right now.
    Sure glad I drive a 4 wheel drive…. less spinning… Blog…

  5. 6
    Norm Says:

    Awesome site. Well thought out and informative. Much appreciated by your followers. Keep up the good work

  6. 7
    Pauline Says:

    Love it! Great effort

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