How to stay warm – 2010 Style….

Funny, I was at the Legislature building in Victoria on the first day of the 2010 Torch Relay – undercover of course. It was a great day – very exciting for thousands of school children and adults alike.
In Victoria we needed an umbrella – trust me – you are going to need warm clothing when you get to Whistler.
The reason I bring up Victoria and the Torch Relay is – I bought a pair of “Red Mitten” ten dollars.
Yes you can purchase something useful which endorses the 2010 Olympics and not go bankrupt…
I’ve decided they will make perfect stocking stuffer for all my kids and friends….
The mittens are warm – my friend Shari bought a pair for her boyfriend Chris and he told me the mittens are warm, fuzzy and fashionable….
While mittens or gloves are going to be very important to keep your hands warm – insulated boots are a necessity to…. I told you in my last blog I bought a pair of insulated boots for Christmas – which my youngest daughter will wrap for mommy…. (white)
I own a Gortex jacket which is perfect to repel the falling snow after it melts – under it I’ll have a few layers of fleece..

I must say starting to write about the Olympics everyday is getting me very excited!!!!


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