How to prepare for the Olympics..2010

I will start today’s blog talking more in particular with Whistler as this is where I will be stationed during the 2010 Olympics….Now I have already rented my home in Whistler – so first I will need accommodations – done – I kept the suite vacant…

Next I will need to make sure I have somewhere to park my car or quite possibly I will not be able to enter Whistler without the permit needed.

So once accommodations and parking are taken care of – I need to think about food – perhaps some shopping in the city before going and having a cooler will be an asset.

A roof over my head, a space for my car, and now food are all taken care of…

It will be about zero to minus ten celsius (weather) Clothing will be very important. Warm, layered and don’t forget a bag for your dress shoes…

One thing I have already done is bought a great insulated pair of Sorels… There will be snow every where, in your driveway and in the center of the village; being like a Boy Scout – Be Prepared – will be your answer to a successful Olympics – let me say if you are cold you are not having fun… so think winter conditions…and under all those clothes make sure you have something appropraite for indoors – where it will be very warm.

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